Enjoy Camping in the City near Federal Way Hotel

Dash Point State Park: Your Backdoor Wilderness

Are you from Seattle, Tacoma, or Federal Way and thinking about a getaway place to bring your family without sacrificing distance, time and dollars? You’re looking for an outdoor expedition – camping, picnics, beach swimming and boating activities, plus trails for hiking and biking. It’ll be a bonus to see a lot of flora and fauna but surely that’s a place far away from home. Must it be necessary to fly a plane to get there when you’re living in the city?

Experience the Outdoors in Federal Way

Dash Point State Park is a national park in Puget Sound, western Washington and a sprawling, almost 400 acre park for camping and some more. Its beach stretches 3,300 feet of saltwater shoreline providing an unobstructed view of the Puget Sound. It’s a popular destination for water enthusiasts as it offers swimming, sailboarding, as well as freshwater fishing that kids enjoy. Many say that to be able to see how huge the beach is, come at low tide and find billions of sand dollars

You will find the beach on the side of Dash Point Road, while on the other, the wide campsites that made this place popular with families. Camping here is enjoyable and relaxing, spaced apart from one another just so for some quiet and privacy. Each site has the amenities you’d expect – a flat cement pad with picnic table, a space to put up tent, and a fire pit. There are two covered picnic shelters in the park and 20 unsheltered picnic tables. Some sites have more trees and underbrush than others.

If you go for hiking, find 11 miles of hiking trails with naturally beautiful woodlands. All but 1.6 miles of it is paved, the rest is tranquil area to view wildlife and learn about birds If you go early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you might see bald eagles, geese, mink or beaver. Bring extra towels incase you want to jump in the water!

Nature near our Federal Way Hotel

Just 4.5 miles away from our Federal Way Hotel, you and the family can enjoy the outdoors. Dash Point State Park offers many opportunities for family activities – close to nature while staying in the city. Ask our Comfort Inn staff for more information.

Trampoline Jumping near Federal Way Hotel

Benefits of Trampoline Jumping

This type of activity is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise for adults. Experience a brief state of weightlessness at the top to a gravitational force of 4Gs when you hit mat bottom. It’s a combination of health and fitness benefits that no other exercise can provide. See what trampoline jumping can do for you apart from being a fun and exhilarating activity.

Firstly, it burns more calories in an hour than if you were jogging; that is according to NASA. Long hours of cardio exercise means a lot of breathlessness that lowers your metabolism. Rebounding on a trampoline is a metabolic exercise that burns calories, hence, contributes to weight loss. Trampoline jumping is a whole body exercise that involves all cells and muscles of the body causing your lymphatic valves to open and close repeatedly increasing your lymph flow 15 times more than normal.

This helps the lymphs dispose better your accumulated body toxins, also strengthening your immune system. You can call this detoxification, and for best results, rebound for at least 15 minutes daily.

Trampoline jumping is also known to decrease or remove cellulites. Because it is like pumping your body, the exercise affects the thyroid glands to clean themselves and the entire lymph system of your stored fat – your cellulites. When it comes to your bones, jumping this way strengthens the skeletal system and increases bone mass. This way, it delays osteoporosis and and prevents some forms of arthritis. Finally, it goes without saying, that this activity improves oxygen supply, energizing you to the cell level of your body.

Jump Time on Trampolines near Hotel in Federal Way

Know more about the benefits of trampoline jumping at Trampoline Nation, just 2.1 miles away from your Federal Way hotel. Have jump time with the whole family and see how addicting this sport can be. They provide for newbies and beginners, so don’t worry if it’s your first time.

Wild Waves Theme Park Holiday with Lights


Special Holiday Event nearby Comfort Inn Federal Way Hotel

“Join us in December for a dazzling display of more than a million lights!

Enjoy a magical evening with more than 25 amusement rides and attractions all illuminated in lights. Visit Toyland and play in a falling snow tent, write a personalized letter to Santa, or make holiday crafts!

Join Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer in a festive sing-a-long at 7pm & 8pm every evening.
Journey to the North Pole and take a photo with Santa on any operating evening through December 23 so the memory of your visit never fades away.”

Wild Waves Theme Park Federal Way, just 10 minutes away from our hotel, is hosting their “Holiday with Lights” special event through the month of December.

Tickets and Event Info